Watson River Station

Watson River Station

Located in Cape York Peninsula Australia, the Homestead is south-east of Weipa – 140 km by road or 75 km by air.

Sitting on over 200 thousand acres, Watson River station is a sight to be seen. We breed high-quality Brahman Cross Cattle and Australian Stock Horses. Significant resources have been committed to the establishment of our nucleus breeding herd on Watson River with the emphasis on quality, quietness, and good herd management practices.

We have machinery for hire and seasonal employment opportunities.

Our Paddock to Plate page contains information on our meat production practices. Here you can get to know the entire process behind your food and make healthy informed decisions into what you eat. We supply both the Weipa Caravan Park and Barramunchies with high-quality beef products that are sure to be enjoyed.

Area & Tenure is 89,000h (219,923 acres)
Rainfall is 1600 (64 inches) pa

Climate & Seasons

Temperatures range from 16c to 38c.
The year is divided into distinct seasons.

Dry Season

From May to November, during which time there is low rainfall.

Wet Season

From December to April.
Average rainfall 60 inches