Paddock to Plate


To know thy food is to know thy soul.

Our vision is to breed and grow fine quality Brahman Cross Cattle at Watson River, then have it processed and packaged for consumers. This gives us quality control over the entire product and it also gives you peace of mind regarding our treatment of our animals and processes etc.

If you want to know what you are eating, how it has been treated and where it has come from than Paddock to Plate is for you. Here you will get to know the cattle and our procedures before, during and after meat production. Then we have the meat packaged and sent on to Weipa Caravan Park Shop for purchasing in small packs and also to Barramunchies for making into Burgers, Steaks and patties – what ever your taste buds desire.

We live in a world now where so much processing goes into our food that it doesn’t even slightly resemble the meat that it once was, That’s where we make a difference. You can get to know the entire process behind your food and make healthy informed decisions into what you eat.

We will have more information detailing our entire process soon.